B - Dreamy Landscapes & True Encounters

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As of their Buddhist culture that teaches the protection of all living beings (human, animal or plant) historically, the Sri Lankans have protected the environment and natural resources of the country to which they are attached.

  • King Tissa Devanampiya created the first world’s reserve here from the 3rd century BC
  • The Sinharaja forest has been recognized as of global importance and a classified Biosphere Reserve since 1978

If one enjoys walking within a natural environment, exploring this reserve will be a highlight of your trip. Explore the forest with a local guide. Soak up this tropical moisture to discover life in its purest form. Listen to and look at, this subtle nature. This jungle far from the human footprint is full of small animals, a wide variety of birds, mammals and butterflies, as well as many kinds of insects, reptiles and rare amphibians. Wonder at this wide array of wonderful creatures.

  • The Botanical Garden of Peradeniya features a gigantic fig tree, and its majestic path of palms trees assure you that you are away from home.
  • In Matale, the spice garden provides renowned for its Sri Lankan spices and exotic plants which they will vaunt you with their culinary and therapeutic virtues.

It is difficult to mention all the wonderful encounters with nature in this tropical climate of lush vegetation and spectacular scenery.

Banana trees, coconut, rice, tea plantations, botanical gardens, streams, rivers, waterfalls, jungles, forest reserves and marine vegetation of proportions that one can scarcely imagine.

As you travel close to nature you travel closer to the people you have the opportunity of real discussions with Sri Lankan people. Visitors are always welcome and are greeted with a broad smile and genuine hospitality.

Evasia can easily organize visitors trips close to nature and the Sri Lankan way of life. Experience travel by train, a ride by tuk tuk or oxcarts. These allow one a total immersion into the heart of the country witnessing daily scenes of rural and traditional life - fish sellers on bicycles, schoolchildren in uniform, workers or deliverymen, always overloaded, cricket matches in the street ... you will enjoy a bounty of surprising and extraordinary events. For those who have the taste for local exchanges, social, and simple adventure, why not enjoy the pleasure of a convivial meal on a Home stay vacation ….