Respect for your choices :

Our agency offers an extensive range of options according to : your centres of interest ( sport, nature, culture, folklore, etc) your accommodation preferences( typical, luxury hotel, guest-house, B&B, sea-side, club hotel, design or classical style…)

Personal suggestions:

There is no intermediary between us, so we can really take your wishes into account. As we know the country from within, we can offer you unexpected attractions, not featured in regular itineraries

An “ a la carte” trip

Renting a car with a local driver so as to arrange your itinerary in accordance with your wishes We also propose standard options that can be adapted to afford you an unique experience

Our priority – Your pleasure

In the country of smiles, choose your preferences (itineraries, leisure time, visits, activities, etc)

Direct prices

We negotiate prices directly which is the best guarantee of good value.

An assurance of quality

Our selections are the result of careful planning and with attention paid to even the smallest detail

Safety first

Thanks to our unbeatable in-depth knowledge of the country, we guarantee a safe journey.As we are “on the spot” we can follow the progress of your trip day by day.

A travelling licence

Our agency holds the government travel license issued of the Ministry of Tourism which offers you the same guarantees as tour operators