We can arrange home stays with warm and hospitable families as part of the Sri Lankan experience. Offering a totally fresh perspective on what life is really like in Sri Lanka, home stays are a fantastic alternative to hotels and guest houses.

We carefully vet out hosts and ensure they are dedicated to providing you with a truly enjoyable experience of the country and its people.

So, should you prefer to experience the hustle and bustle of city life, the cooler climes of a picturesque up country town, or the more languid pace of village life amongst the emerald green paddy fields, we have a home stay to suit that you will remember for years to come.

Experiencing quiet and meditative monastic life in this predominantly Buddhist country can leave you with lifelong rewards. EvAsia can arrange stays in monasteries around the country for men who wish to live alongside monks, practice the art of meditation and gain a deeper understanding of Theravada Buddhism

We believe that a disability is no barrier to enjoying a fantastic holiday. Whether you are a wheelchair user, have a sight or hearing impairment or any other form of disability it is our desire to create that dream holiday for you.

What Sri Lanka lacks in facilities for the disabled, it certainly makes up for in the warmth and helpfulness of its people and the country’s varied and interesting landscapes, cultures and food. These will leave you spoilt for choice in things to do and experience.