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This archaeological site contains many styles of monuments including the famous Hindu Gal Vihariya.
The Gal Vihariya is a collection of sculptures carved in rock, representing three postures of Buddha sitting standing and lying


Best known for the Lion's Rock, which rises to 370 m in height. Is a natural fortress on which some ruins remain.
The access to the rock includes gardens, fountains, a rock painting gallery, giant lion paws, and magnificent panoramas.


In this city, a former capital of Sri Lanka, there are three monastic complexes to visit: The Bodhi tree which has a temple and the oldest famous tree in the world,
The Isurumuniya Temple, a shrine of rock paintings of the third century BC featuring many animal sculptures, and The Bronze Palace which was a wooden building of 9 floors.


If one enjoys walking within a natural framework, exploring this reserve will be a highlight of your trip.
Explore the forest with a local guide.
This jungle far from human footprints is full of small animals, a wide variety of birds, mammals and butterflies, as well as countless insects, reptiles and rare amphibians to be carefully watched.


A beautiful fortified city built by the Europeans,
Galle features some remarkable monuments:
The Castle, The Fortifications, The Old Dutch Mansions & Sainte-Marie Cathedral.


Located in a valley with lush vegetation, Kandy also has two valuable assets.
It holds:- The Royal Palace and The Dalada Maligawa, the Temple of the Tooth, which keeps the relic of the Buddha -Peradeniya Botanical Garden, one of the finest in the world.
- Not to be missed, in August is The Perahera Festival.
Where a hundred elephants march at once, escorting the relic of the tooth


The Buddhist site is made up of caves,
monasteries, shrines, statues and images.
The climb up to these treasures offers a pleasant ride that leaves one the opportunity to enjoy the scenic landscape


At the center of Sri Lanka,
this area classified as a wildlife reserve because of the value of it’s biodiversity, includes three essentials of an exceptional universal value - The Peak Wilderness Protected Area - The Knuckles Protection Forest - The Horton Plains National Park