A - Royal vestiges and colonial heritage

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One might think that this small tropical island with perfect weather for beach holidays throughout the year would be satisfaction enough. Fortunately no, it’s appeal does not end there, as there are vast attractions on a completely different scale.

Sri Lanka boasts an old civilization and ancient culture of more than two thousand years and has, albeit small as it may be, many heritage sites included on the UNESCO historical register alongside great historical civilizations such as Egypt.
UNESCO and the Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Project have undertaken major archaeological research and restoration works, and updating many fascinating discoveries.
Eight fabulous sites of interest are currently listed as World Heritage sites, the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka being the last registered in 2010.

This is evidence of a long history of royal and colonial richness and the spirit of a very pure conservative and protective civilization.
Discover this glorious heritage in the ancient capitals medieval citadels, the cities and sites of the country.
Each one of these is of particular interest, whether one is a learned archaeologists, history buff or simply an interested traveller. These sites are more than deserving of a visit.
It is your choice which sites to visit. Evasia offers you, and advises you the best of these attractions and develops with you the trip of your dreams.