D- Sports Activities & Proximity to Nature

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For those who enjoy combining physical activities with the experience of nature Sri Lanka is the ideal destination. Whatever the route you choose and the time you choose Sri Lanka and EvAsia Holidays have on offer a plethora of experiences.

Examples of excursions around the mountain in the center of the island:

  • Climb (2-3 hour) the Lion Rock of Sigiriya, ranked the eighth wonder of the world
  • A wonderful walk (5-6 h) on the quiet and fascinating plateau of the Horton Plains,
  • Excursions to meet the local population (3 hours)
  • Bike rides around an archaeological site
  • Trek for 5 hours in the Sinharaja forest, a beautiful jungle of 4474 hectares.
  • Climb Adam's Peak (2243 meters), quite physical but more than justified by the magnificent views!
And who says peaks and says rivers and streams, while Sri Lanka has a variety of different heights with more or less effort, to satisfy you, you:

  • Amateurs of running water rafting you can expect a strong rise of adrenalin (level three rapids on the river Kelani - in the village of Kitulgala)
  • And you too, young walkers in canoe, peacefully in family, among friends or in two, much for the greatest pleasure of discovering tropical flora and fauna throughout your journey.
  • You should also know that Sri Lanka is rightly named "little emerald gem." Rimmed sun-drenched beaches and silver waves of the Indian Ocean, it hides beyond its shores one underwater world of unreal beauty that will surprise you in simple mask and snorkel (multicolored fish, corals gardens)
  • The best waves to surf are there on almost all along of the island coasts. Amateurs or Professionals will find their happiness and can choose their favorite area. "The Point", probably the best on the island, "Pottuvil Point", the most appreciated by those who also enjoy the idyllic scenery "Crocodile Rock and Elephant Rock, ideal for beginners etc .....
And so that everyone can enjoy the pleasures of the beach, many seaside resorts have installed a double waterfront, offering to holidaymakers a wide range of water sports fully safe:

  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Outboard motor boat
  • Sailing
  • Waterskiing
  • Surf
  • Jet-ski
  • Tuba diving