Why you must choose Sri Lanka

In Sinhalese, "Sri Lanka" means the resplendent country, pearl of the Indian Ocean, island of jewels; there are endless expressions to portray how this magnificent island enchants all those who have the desire to visit it’s shores. It’s countless resources transcend all interests - cultural, historical, sports, nature and landscapes, health resorts, and glorious beaches. Welcoming & genuine, contemplative and joyful - everything seems be concentrated on this small piece of land to enrich from the enjoyment of this unforgettable adventure.

  • On the central highlands of the island, the climate is cool with a wealth of flora and fauna in the wild. (Trekking and steep climbs)

  • The valleys are lush and feature richly cultivated rice fields and tea plantations, offering beautiful walks in the heart of verdant vegetation. (Hiking, canoeing, biking)

  • The opportunity to savor and compare the "Ceylon Tea" for which, like wine, color, aroma, taste and quality are influenced by soil properties and climate.

  • Experience the former royal capitals and the vestiges of the colonial heritage which tell of the stormy history of an island in the tropical sweetness of life.(Archaeological rich sites as classified by UNESCO)

  • Sanctuaries, temples and monasteries, all on the path of Buddha wisdom, a soft inner peace invades.(Zen philosophy and relaxation)

  • Walks in the botanical gardens, zoos, the orchid greenhouses, the spice markets offering a subtle harmony of colors and fragrances.

  • At the heart of the capital, the shopping mall, a very active area, carrying one literally to another world.

  • The kilometers of coastline are lined with coconut palms and endless beaches just awaiting to be discovered.

  • Surf spots, diving sites, sea bathing and sun at will .... all year round ....

  • And all that of course with the never ending Sri Lankan smile, kindness and tolerance - qualities which are natural and inexhaustible, thus allowing one an authentic approach, a real complicity with friendly people and endless changes of scenery.

  • Whether you are a solo adventurer, a couple, a family or a group of friends, Sri Lanka offers you an intense journey and strong emotions. An exotic travel adventure, diverse, and tailored to your tastes an experience to live and never forget ...